10 curious business ideas for startups in 2023

10 curious business ideas for startups in 2023
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The year 2022 brought many changes in all areas of human life and activity throughout the world. The redistribution of capital, money flows, influence, and geopolitics; in addition to that economic problems, wars, cataclysms, crises, etc., caused the decline of some seemingly reliable areas of business activity, and vice versa - activated some quite unexpected markets.

We offer our top 10 business ideas that may be interesting and relevant for development in the coming year.

1. "Handyman" service (rental of personnel and special equipment)

It may not be an easy thing to find a good and reliable electrician, plumber, appliance repair or installation specialist, cook, cleaner, etc. And if you need several specialists at the same time, then there are too many offers, time and money wasted. The only home service in which you can rent a "jack of all trades" or several craftsmen for an hour or two - but in one place, with one phone call - will save customers time and nerves. This startup is designed to become a "helping stick" for comprehensively solving many household needs.

2. Personal online stylist

Lack of time is the main problem in modern society. A personal online stylist will save you time by offering options for changing your image based on your photos and choosing several options for haircuts, makeup, clothing styles, etc. All you have to do is choose the right one. In addition, you can provide services for finding the nearest hairdressers, shops with the right clothes, fitness salons, spas, etc.

3. Shoes with a changeable top

Each of us has our favorite and most comfortable pair of shoes, in which we feel comfortable. And how difficult it is to find a new one! The development of a shoe production line with the possibility of replacing the top part would help to partially solve this problem and help in situations where it is necessary to wear differently colored clothes for different meetings during the day. Shoes with a changeable top are unusual but practical and intriguing.

4. Flower hostel

There are hostels for people and animals. And now there will be hostels for your favorite indoor plants. If you need to go on business or vacation for a long time, you can rest assured that your plants will be okay. At such hostels, the house flowers will get all the necessary care, watering, and optimal light regime. When you return, you will pick them up well-groomed and nourished. You can also bring flowers here "for rehab" if they suddenly get sick.

5. Landscaping of building roofs

Green roofs are not flowers in pots but plants, bushes, and trees planted directly in the soil: for this, a waterproof membrane layer is placed between the green layer and the roof. Additional layers can also be used to protect the roof from roots, drainage, and irrigation systems. Green roofs absorb rainwater – thus relieving the burden on sewage systems and preventing relatively clean rainwater from mixing with sewage. They protect against city noise: the soil layer absorbs low sound frequencies, and plants absorb high frequencies. They protect buildings from the cold and from overheating during overly warm days (which, in addition to naturally increasing comfort, significantly reduces air conditioning costs and extends the life of the roofs several times, saving them from the effects of the weather). In addition, "green roofs" serve as a decoration of cities and a habitat for urban fauna.

6. Transformer furniture, smart furniture

This is a quite popular product nowadays, which allows you to save space and money. A variety of models and variations of combinations of materials and purposes will make this product category popular, especially in the nearest future with the boom of smart housing and savings on living space and utility services.

7. Capsulated food

It is convenient when there is no time, desire, or opportunity to cook. The nutritional capsule will contain a single portion of food that will satisfy the consumer's needs for taste, naturalness, convenience, and speed. There are many options for capsule food. The capsules themselves can be made both from a natural edible product and from other materials that will dissolve either under the influence of temperature (if it is necessary to heat food) or directly in the stomach (just like the medical pills).

8. Pet therapy

Animals in shelters can become wonderful friends for people who, for some reason, cannot or are afraid to have pets. This can be a chance to try yourself in the role of the owner, walk the dog, feed it, pet the cat or talk to the parrot. Scientists have proven that animals are able not only to reduce tension and improve emotional state but also to strengthen a person's mental health. At the time of the busy rhythm of modern life, this is very relevant.

9. Subscription to surprises

The customer fills out a small questionnaire with simple questions where they indicate their preferences, pay a small subscription fee - and voila: every week, for example, they receive various surprise boxes. They can be delivered to the home or office or during parties or family gatherings for the weekend. All that is needed is an extraordinary imagination and a client base.

10. Delivery by drones

European mass media predict that the drone delivery market will reach €50 billion by 2028. In modern living conditions, and traffic problems in megapolises, drone delivery is safer and three times faster. In addition, it is a very environmentally friendly mode of transportation because, according to the World Economic Forum, due to the boom in e-commerce, the volume of delivery is expected to increase by 78% before 2030 which in its turn can lead to an increase in carbon dioxide emissions in the 100 largest cities of the world by more than 30%. All-electric drone-based delivery solutions are in many ways greener and cheaper than ground-based alternatives.

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