Clutch Names SmithySoft as one of the Game-Changing VR Companies & AR Companies in Ukraine

Clutch Names SmithySoft as one of the Game-Changing VR Companies & AR Companies in Ukraine
Photo by Patrick Schneider / Unsplash

A lot of companies are now catching up with new technologies and solutions in the market. One that has been taking center stage in the past year is the AR/VR industry! Many businesses from different sectors have been integrating this new tech into their processes, services, and even products. Learn more about AR and VR today with the help of our team at SmithySoft.

In our current times, there is no nation more dedicated to drive and determination than the Ukrainian people. Our clients were pleasantly surprised by our capacity to operate without interruption in the absence of electricity and provide excellent outcomes even in the face of rocket assaults.

In a wide range of industries, including fundraising, e-commerce, fintech, education, retail, media, healthcare providers, and charities, we serve both mid-sized and startup companies. On that note, our team is excited to announce that we’ve been recently named one of the game-changing VR Companies & AR Companies in Ukraine by Clutch! 

For those of you who are hearing Clutch for the first time, they are a B2B ratings and reviews platform based in Washington, DC. They evaluate technology service and solutions companies based on the quality of work, thought leadership, and client reviews. A rapidly expanding startup, Clutch has become the go-to resource in the agency space. 

There is no better way to cap off this amazing recognition than by sharing with you our favorite reviews from Clutch! Here are our favorites:

“The app built by Smithy has been used by 34,000 startups around the globe. The app is used by hundreds of leading venture capital funds. Smithy has worked closely with our Product Manager since day 1 and consistently meets deadlines. The team is very responsive, especially when there's any critical bug or issue. They delivered excellent quality work – the code is exceptional. They solve problems.” Nathan Beckord, CEO of
“What was most impressive about this team was their ability to work remotely and asynchronously. They had excellent communication skills and were available for real-time video conferencing during weekly check-ins and whenever we asked. The lead developer understood what we needed and helped guide the delivery to meet our functional requirements while keeping the project on time and within budget.” Tony Ash, Principal Consultant at Hip Check Interactive

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