The Flash is dead, and what about your business?

The Flash is dead, and what about your business?

WHAT IS A CORRECT SUPPORT and how does it work? What is really worth paying for and how not to miss your FLASH?

Everyone has at least once contacted the customer support service with one or another question. But not everyone understands what the technical support of the product is and why pay more than already paid? Using simple examples, let's try to figure out whether you need technical support and what it is all about.

We live in a very dynamic environment. And every year not only a new iPhone generation comes out, but also a software update for it needs to be downloaded and installed almost every month. Why is it like that? Because nowadays perfect products and solutions rarely get on the market; more often than not, it is rather a great concept with a very crude embodiment. These are the realities of the market economy – everyone is in a hurry to bring their product to the market, which inevitably affects the quality. And then gradually the problem areas are closed with each new update: the customers are happy, and the company gains profit. However, only a few people think that such a path has a dark side, where the buyer, instead of a high-quality Persian carpet, gets a quilt with a million repair patches. And the longer the project lives, the more such patches will appear within it. After all, the software is constantly evolving to keep up with the ever-growing needs of the modern world. This is not a Rolls Royce or a collection wine that only gets more expensive over time, this is an aspect of the business that requires constant attention and keeping up to date. This is exactly the situation when you need to make efforts just to stay in place; to grow and develop, you need many times more effort and resources.

Of course, when buying a product, even if it is a software product, you have the right to expect that it will work for some kind of warranty period, and it's a great time to be thinking ‘what's next’? You don't fight with the hairdresser because your ultra-modern haircut has disappeared due to natural hair growth. This is life, progress, and innovation, everything goes forward. This is a given that should be accepted and taken into account.

What's all this abstract talking about, you ask? Buying a website or a mobile application is not enough; they might need competent support.

They, in Dalian, know exactly what happens when you think ‘it’ll do’ and let it go.

Only the lazy did not write about the railway station collapse, including ourselves. But a clearer example of IT sloppiness is really hard to find. It is not known who saved here and how much during four years in a row, starting in 2017 (the same year when it was officially announced that from 2021 flash will not be supported). But the result was fantastic: the city with a population of over 4.4 million ‘halted’ for almost a day. There are hundreds of stories circulating on the Internet that the employees of the technical department had to completely change computers so as not to waste time reinstalling the software of earlier, still working versions, but the fact remains that the railway service stopped because no one thought about what they will do if flash stops working, how will this affect their system, and will it work at all?

Therefore, it's vital to know what's under the lid of your product, what is behind the beautiful design, and how the system works. And if you cannot track it yourself, you should seriously think about finding a company of professionals that will help support your project. These are people who are aware of all the technical news, those who know the architecture of the project, what it is built of, how it lives, and what can ‘kill’ it. They understand that if a new version comes out, the creators inevitably stop supporting one of the earlier ones. Those who understand what is behind the smarty and boring technical IT news headlines.

Hope this little excursion will help you understand why SUPPORT is so important, that it is the essence of the system’s steadiness, stability, predictability, and reliability of work. This is something that is not visible while the system is working smoothly. Intangible, like the air that we breathe and can not see or touch.

I would like to remind you that our engineers will be happy to help your project breathe deeply and not be afraid of the dynamics of the modern world.