Graphic design trends and anti-trends of 2023

Graphic design trends and anti-trends of 2023
Photo by Quinten Braem / Unsplash

The definition of any trends and tendencies are often generalized judgments, which, like everything in this world, have exceptions. However, when creating your unique product, you should not neglect these trends because without knowing the moods, novelties, demands, and requirements of society, it is unlikely to achieve the main task, which is to build an effective and efficient visual communication between the owner (customer, author) and the recipient (consumer, buyer).

For this reason, we have collected the major modern trends in graphic design.

Bright colors instead of monochrome

Do you remember those times when the world gravitated towards flat and sophisticated monochrome design? The simpler it was, the better. Now everything has changed. Volumetric forms in screaming colors come first, offering the viewer an alternative reality – brighter, futuristic, fabulous, and full of the taste of life.

In 2022, soft, pastel tones, and halftones were trendy. Instead, in 2023, bright, rich colors that immediately attract attention become favorites, specifically in combination with beautiful clean forms and geometric compositions.

Here, for example, are a few shades that, according to Pantone, will become fashionable in 2023:

Viva Magenta - Pantone's Color of the Year 2023
  • Viva Magenta
  • Ultraviolet
  • Spring crocus
  • Verdigris
  • Аrcadia
  • Meadowlark
  • Emperador
  • Cherry tomato
  • Chili oil
  • Lime punch

The use of bright colors will help your visual representation to stand out from other competitors:

ILLO Studio - Pinterest Predicts 2022
MB - Living Corporate

Instead of flat images – 3D graphics

The trend is not new but has consistently remained a design favorite. The explanation is simple: the world is rapidly moving towards the development of metauniverses. 3D effects give a sense of realism and make it possible to feel the atmosphere of the visual solution as much as possible. Modern 3D backgrounds, created with shadows and contours to add depth, also contain movement and texture to enhance the realistic impact of the scene.

SALY - 3D Illustration Pack

The use of 3D will be popular, in particular, for the icons' design.

Joint projects (combination of visualizations from different spheres of life)

This unconventionality definitely attracts attention and creates a wow effect. For example, one of the trends is fashion brands collaborating with film companies.

Balenciaga fashion house x Fortnite game.

Similarly, you can see the union of Netflix and Walmart.

Disney x Givenchy

KitKat and The Lord of the Rings

Instead of standard classics – "imperfect" typography, original fonts

The essence of this trend is that things can be imperfect and beautiful at the same time. Even one different-sized letter, reversed, missing, or written in a different font, gives brands a chance to attract more attention, stand out and become more "human". Manual work has always been more valued than machine work. It is precisely such "small imperfections" that give uniqueness, weight, and value.

Resonant Chilliner
Goopanic | Nathan Meyer

Instead of monotony – psychedelic design

Psychedelia, rooted in the music and art of the 60s, is associated with hallucinogens and creative experimentation amid social upheaval. And there are many such upheavals in the world now. Both visually and emotionally, the psychedelic style takes you to a new destination, and the main goal is to open your mind and worldview. This design will be appreciated especially by young people who are in search and understanding of life in all its manifestations.

Grace Potter / Daylight Tour

The distinctive features of the psychedelic design are fantastic images, kaleidoscopic and spiral patterns, ultra-bright colors (which are currently in fashion), complex details, and emotions.

Scott Balmer

Original drawings in branding (or hand-drawn stylistics)

This trend is a continuation of last year, when quick sketches, drawings, and annotations began to return to branding. They provide originality and a sense of individual approach.

Baillat Studio | Jake Warrilow

Images can be of any type and nature, from people and faces to abstraction, geometric shapes, and various forms of expression. The universality of this trend is that it can be easily adapted to any sphere and project.

Instead of stock photos – illustrations created by AI

Stock photos are in less and less demand. The main reason is that, for the most part, they do not evoke emotions because it is difficult for consumers to identify with stereotyped smiling people in staged contexts. That is why live, real photos taken "here and now", in the right unique context with the help of widely available modern technology are gaining more popularity.

At the same time, for various reasons, the popularity of artificial intelligence, which "draws" images on request, is growing. So, in October 2022, stock image giant Shutterstock announced an expanded partnership with OpenAI that will end with the DALL.E2 model directly integrated into Shutterstock in the coming months, as they say. The company publicly announced plans to start selling stock images created by artificial intelligence.


This trend is due to objective changes in the industry and the development of technologies. The most popular among them are Midjourney and DALL.E2. If this tool continues to develop, there is a good chance that designers will stop creating images by hand – algorithms will do it faster and cheaper. And people will design an aesthetic experience, no longer defining themselves as graphic designers.

For example, the world's first cover was created by the artificial intelligence of the company OpenAI and the editors of Cosmopolitan magazine. It took the technology only 20 seconds.

OpenAI / Cosmopolitan

Now you are aware of the upcoming trends of next year. No matter which of them you like, our team will be happy to help you hassle-free create a beautiful design for your website that your visitors will enjoy.